Central Region

The Central Region is under the vice presidency of Architect Edwin Gonzalez and is made up of the Architects Associations of Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and all professionals dedicated to architecture in Central America.

College of Architects of Panama (CAP)
Director: Architect Miguel Angel Barrera
Web: http://www.coarqpanama.org
Contact: info@coarqpanama.org


The mission of the College of Architects of Panama is to be the ethical and professional representation of architects before the public, to promote the participation of all architecture professionals, to serve civil society and State institutions through the correct professional practice of architecture, and to contribute to the supervision of professional practice.



Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects (SPIA)

President: Ing. Rodrigo A. Chanis
Web: http://www.coarqpanama.org
Contact: info@coarqpanama.org

College of Architects of Costa Rica (CACR)

President: Arq. Rashid Sauma Ruiz
Web: http://www.cacrarquitectos.com
Contact: rsauma@saumaarquitectos.com


The College of Architects of Costa Rica aims to assume national and international leadership in the definition of a collective vision to face the multiple challenges in spatial design and intelligent, accessible, inclusive and sustainable built habitat.

College of Architects of Honduras (CAH)

President: Arq. Estela Sauceda
Web: http://www.arquitectoshonduras.org
Contact: directorejecutivo@arquitectoshonduras.org


The College of Architects of Honduras is a professional organisation that ensures excellence in the professional practice of architecture in Honduras, with all the rights and obligations set out in its organic law and internal regulations.

College of Architects of Nicaragua (COAN)

President: Arq. Uriel Cardoza
Web: http://www.coan.org.ni
Contact: colegioarquitectosnicaragua@gmail.com


The College of Architects of Nicaragua is an institution that regulates professional practice with standards of ethical behaviour that guarantee quality in the service provided.

College of Architects of Guatemala (CAG)

President: Arq. Jose María Magaña Juárez
Web: http://www.colegiodearquitectosdeguatemala.com.gt
Contact: presidente@colegiodearquitectos.org.gt


The Colegio de Arquitectos de Guatemala is responsible for educating the public on issues related to the built environment and the architectural profession through information and advisory services, exhibition facilitation and hosting, our website and the presentation of awards.

College of Architects of El Salvador (CADES)
President: Arq. Eleonora Sol Herodier
Web: http://www.cades.org.sv
Contact: Contact form on website