Judging of the Jury of the 2021 Realised Works Competition

For the Society of Architects of Uruguay, part of building society and identity from architecture is to recognise and reward the quality of work produced in the country. As a space for reflection and assessment of the finished project.

The 2021 Completed Work Competition, organised by the Society of Architects of Uruguay, took this approach. By bringing together a representative and heterogeneous sample from all over the country, they sought to reward the works produced between 2014 and 2020, obtaining a record participation.

We are pleased to share with you and remind you of the winning and selected works in the different categories, prizes, mentions and highlights.

Category 1 - Family housing, multi-family housing and hybrid buildings: 

Prize: Calera del Rey - (Marcelo Gualano, Martín Gualano)

Mention: Estrellas del Sur Building - (Daniel Christoff, Fernando de Sierra, Francesco Comerci)

Mention: Casa Lagos - (Luciano Andrades, Matias Carballal, Mauricio Lopez, Silvio Machado, Andres Gobba)

Category 2 - Minimal Architecture 

Prize: Crystal Pavilion - (Rafael Alanis, Albano, Diego Secco Folle, Matías Coll Peri, Andrés Bonino)

Mention: Greenhouse Orchid - (Lucas Mateo Nunes da Rosa)

Mention: Refugio Punta Rubia - (Daniella Urrutia, Marcelo Gualano)

Category 3 - Cultural, social infrastructure and equipment buildings

Prize: Gardens for Health - (Fabio Ayerra, Marcos Castaings, Javier Lanza, Diego Pérez)

Mention: School N°319 People's Republic of China - (Lucía Lombardi, Natalie Cordero)

Mention: Centro Cultural Las Piedras - (Pablo Bacchetta, Javier Díaz, Enrique Martínez, Fernanda Ríos)

Category 4 - Tertiary. Administrative, institutional and corporate buildings

Award: CAF Headquarters Southern Region - (Carlos Labat, Pierino Porta, Nicolás Scioscia, Fernando Romero)

Mention: Soca Corporate Offices - (Martín Boga, Gustavo Vera Ocampo)

Mention: TE+A - Executive Tower Annex - (Diego Ferrando, Fernanda Goyos, Daniel Martirena, Javier Olascoaga, Andrés Souto)

Category 5 - Architecture for work, production and services

Prize: Hospital de Agudos SMQ Salto - (Rafael Ocampos Rossi)

Mention: MAPI Parking - (Conrado Pintos, Luis Santellán)

Mention: Bodega Viña Edén - (Fabio Ayerra, Marcos Castaings, Javier Lanza, Diego Pérez)

Category 6 - Interventions in the built heritage, rehabilitation and restoration

Prize: El Yacht Building - Parque Rodó - (Victor Lorieto, Conrado Pintos, Luis Santellán)

Mention: ITR Fray Bentos UTEC - (Virginia Ruiz Mirazo, Ingrid Grauert Hamann, Alejandro Dibarboure, Inés Llorente Cabrera)

Mention: Paseo de la Brecha - (Matías Frazzi, José María Abella)

Category 7 - Intervention in public space, urban projects and landscape projects

Prize: Paseo Pélouse Recine - (Daniella Urrutia, Constance Zurmendi)

Mention: Memoria Penal de Punta Carretas - (Leandro Alegre, Federico Lagomarsino, Federico Lapeyre)

Mention: UAM Unidad Alimentaria Metropolitana - (Álvaro Cayón, Juan Daniel Christoff, Fernando de Sierra, Roberto Villarmarzo)

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