Book "FPAA 100 Years" - Volume I

The book "FPAA 100 years" enables the reading and actions of the past and present of our Federation. It is a document that reflects the history of architecture and its production from the FPAA in its centenary (1920-2020); it shows an institution concerned and engaged in making visible the good practices and the development of many actions that have positive results in our cities and our society.

Thanks to the compilation of texts written by Santiago Medero, Magdalena Fernández, Loreno Patiño, Ramón Gutiérrez, Roberto Fernández and Nivaldo Vieira de Andrade Junior, we managed to publish a document that allows us to rescue data and characteristics of our cities immersed in the vast territory of America.

Part One


  • Chapter 1

One Hundred Years of FPAA (162 pages)

Authors: Santiago Medero, Magdalena Fernández, Loreno Patiño

Academic Membership: Institute of the History of Architecture, FADU-UDELAR

Based on the archives of the Pan-American Federation of Architects' Associations housed at the headquarters of the Society of Architects of Uruguay (SAU), this chapter devotes its pages to the institutional history of the FPAA during its 100 years, told in 4 periods: 1920-1950; 1950-1968; 1968-1992; 1992-2020. 


  • Chapter 2

Centennial Influence (68 pages)

Author: Ramón Gutiérrez

Academic Membership: Centro de Documentación de Arquitectura Latinoamericana (CEDODAL)

Chapter 2 of the book looks at the emergence of architectural societies and the creation of autonomous faculties of architectural education and their influences. 

Part Two


  • Chapter 3

A Century of American Architecture (260 pages)

Author: Roberto Fernández

Academic Affiliation: Centre for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urbanism (CAEAU) of the Inter-American Open University (UAI).

Roberto Fernández recounts the beginnings of the emerging New World, its new geopolitical conditions, its new actors, its new conflicts, and how everything emerges parallel to an avant-garde historical context. 


  • Chapter 4

The Architects and the Built Heritage in the Americas (1920-2020) (378 pages)

Author: Nivaldo Vieira de Andrade Junior

Academic Affiliation: Universidade Federal de Bahia (UFBA) / Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil (IAB)

In this last chapter, Nivaldo Vieira took on the challenge of summarising in a few pages a century of experiences and debates on built heritage in the gigantic and plural American continent.